Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Cary

The town of Cary is the seventh-largest municipality in North Carolina. It may also have the most homes with popcorn ceilings that I’ve ever seen.

Downtown Cary, NC
Cary, North Carolina’s main downtown intersection

With a median income of over $100,00 (twice the state average) that means the housing is also above average. Neighborhoods like Carpenter Village, Cary Park, Lochmere, MacGregor Downs and Preston set the bar for anyone looking at houses.

Homes with old popcorn style ceilings are not what the affluent Cary homeowners want. Cary has long been the main suburb of Raleigh and with that came a housing boom from the 1960’s to today.

Popcorn ceilings, which are also known as acoustic ceilings, were especially popular in homes and other buildings between the latter half of the 1950s through the earlier years of the 1980s. It’s uncertain why exactly these asbestos popcorn ceiling installations became so popular, but many people believe that it’s because they were so simple to apply and because they hid imperfections that existed in the ceiling.

Imperfections are not what you want when it’s time to remove that old popcorn ceiling. You want to trust someone who has been doing ceiling work for 30+ years. With the average home price in Cary now over $300,000 you can’t afford to live with an old popcorn ceiling or an amateur popcorn ceiling removal contractor.

Cost of Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Repair

According to Home Advisor, the average price for popcorn ceiling removal in the Raleigh-Cary area is between $700 – $2500.

price for popcorn ceiling removal in Cary, NC

Hiring someone to remove the old popcorn textured ceiling is only the first step. Once that has been done, you will also need to repair and refinish the new flat ceiling.

Making the large, open concept ceilings in Apex look seamless and beautiful is not a job for someone new. It takes years of experience to be able to make a ceiling look flawless.

If you want to change the look of your ceiling from rough to smooth and make your home more beautiful, more desirable and more livable you’ve come to the right place. Contact us for a quote today.

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